I’m Matt Martone, a Roboticist with a background in Mechanical Engineering, or maybe a Mechanical Engineer with a background in Robotics, depending on the day. Nothing excites me more than delving deeply into a problem and approaching it from a new and interesting way. Whether it’s a robotic gripper for ice cave exploration or a snake robot for search and rescue, I see opportunities for robots with innovative locomotion systems everywhere. A few years of research experience have shown me that there is always a better solution to any problem, and that the optimal solution is often inspired by what you’d least expect.

While the initial needs analysis and design conceptualization are where I can really engineer out of the box solutions, it’s always most gratifying to see a project through all phases of development.  Mechanical CAD, system analysis, prototyping, test engineering, redesigning, software development, iteration, controls, deployment, and upkeep of an electromechanical system all energize me and allow me to bring new insight to the table from my deeply delved experience.  So as you look through this site at a few of the projects I’ve worked on, please don’t hesitate to contact me; I’m always up for a discussion on any engineering topic whether its science fiction or soon to be reality.

Thanks for visiting!